Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil Lavender Mint Tropical Lotion

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Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil Lavender Mint Sugar Scrub

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Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil Sugar Scrubs

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Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil Coconut Sea Salt Scrub

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Hawaiian Coconut Kukui Nut Oil Tropical Wash

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Precautions and FDA Disclaimer: This web site is intended for educational and historic reference purposes only. Kukui Nut Oil has been used safely for thousands of years, however, before using kukui nut oil, people with nut allergies should consult a physician. The information on this web site concerning alternative treatments for skin conditions have not been evaluated by the FDA. Kukui Nut oil is not intended to treat or cure any skin condition, illness or disease. Always seek your family practitioner before use if you have an advanced skin disease or plan on using Kukui Nut oil for any such alternative treatment. References concerning the benefits and natural treatments using Kukui Nut oil for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, damaged skin, acne, sensitive skin are from historic references, personal testimonials and for educational purposes only. Affiliate links are added to the site to promote certain products. The companies and affiliate links referenced in this web site have not evaluated or approved such topics concerning alternative treatments using Kukui Nut Oil.

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